Aakash Solanki

Aakash Solanki a PhD candidate in Anthropology and South Asian studies at the University of Toronto. Aakash is interested in the genealogical study of states, statistics (stats), and computing. In the past, he has worked on the collection, classification, management of information and its politics in colonial India. He worked in government agencies both in the US and India, on data science projects in education, health, and skill development at the city, state, as well as the federal level. He has previously published in the journal South Asia and is a Contributing Editor to the journal Cultural Anthropology. 

"Murali Shanmugavelan's CCTS syllabus is an important beginning to an urgent conversation which despite the overwhelming force of everyday reality, academic and policy elites continue to pay limited systematic attention to. While the syllabus focuses on caste, it is not merely a topical addition but provides with a necessary methodological and theoretical orientation to questions of communication technology and social inequality with Murali’s annotations serving as a very helpful self-study as well as discussion guide for students, instructors, as well as researchers in policy and industry. Murali has done all of us a great favour in bringing together disparate bodies of scholarship into one cohesive frame. I hope that the syllabus will encourage a different citational politics as it is engaged with and built upon by researchers and practitioners of communication technologies everywhere."