David Mosse

David Mosse is a Professor of Social Anthropology. He received his DPhil in social anthropology from Oxford University, has published extensively on the anthropology of religion, environment, and development, and is a Fellow of the British Academy. He has worked for Oxfam as a Representative for South India, and for other international development agencies as a social development adviser. He joined SOAS in 1997 and served on its Board of Trustees 2013–16.

“This syllabus is a distinctive and much-needed contribution to raising the level of understanding of the intersections of caste and communication technologies in a period of rapid change in this social field. The breadth of interdisciplinary work on caste from the writings of Ambedkar to some very interesting research on contemporary information technology and caste gives critical caste studies a strong foundation and forward-looking perspective. There is nothing comparable available internationally and I would anticipate the course to have a significant impact on those who take it, and in the institutions, they work with.”