Gee Semmalar

Gee Semmalar is an activist, artist and scholar interested in caste, gender, racialisation and resistance. He has written on these topics for academic, journalistic and creative platforms. He has experience in films, theatre and performance. Currently he is working on a South Asian trans legal history project.

“The Critical Caste and Technology Studies syllabus is an important academic intervention. Cutting across disciplinary boundaries and regional specializations, it urges us to place caste centrally as a historical and contemporary problem. What is the role of communication and technology, historically and contemporaneously in producing, solidifying and reproducing caste? What are the adaptive transformations, if any, that caste undergoes through contemporary digitality? These are some of the key questions that the syllabus explores. It urges us to think of the communicative practices of caste as creating not just discursive realms of power/powerlessness but also as structuring social, economic and political realms. This will undoubtedly be an invaluable resource for those who are interested in teaching on a range of subjects related to the operation of power.”