Ruby Hembrom

Ruby Hembrom is an Adivasi cultural documentarian and practitioner based in Kolkata. She is the founder of adivaani (first voices), an archiving and publishing outfit of and by Adivasis (the indigenous peoples of India) started in July 2012 as a non-profit organization. She is the writer of adivaani’s Santal Creation Stories for children, a recast of the Santal Creation myths in English and the prize-winning Disaibon Hul, on the Santal Rebellion of 1855–57. Her documentation initiative grew out of a need to claim Adivasi stake in historical and contemporary social, cultural, and literary spaces and as peoples.

“Framing the CCTS discourse within Critical Caste Studies allows for a reflexivity into the manifold ways in which caste rears its pervasive, ugly head into interactions, and enables a recognition of the dehumanisation that plays out—allowing us an introspection of whether we benefit from it or suffer because of it. Critical Caste and Technology Studies holds out hope to regaining our collective humanity by granting us opportunities to confront and amend our communicative practices.”